05 May, 2013

Signs and symptoms of acid Body

For our bodies to discharge their duties efficiently, it must maintain internal homeostasis, the pH balance in our bodies. Here is the importance of the acid-alkaline balance because an acidic body can not function properly run.

Acidic body can be detected from 3 levels:

The early stages: a little acidic.

The symptoms:

Mucus in the chest, sore joints, hands & feet to be cold, decreased sex drive, heartburn, urinary smell hard, muscle aches, fatigue, acne, constipation, headaches, PMS and panic attack.
If there is no action to neutralize the acidity in the initial phase, the body will go to the next level.

The second phase of: more serious and affect health.

The symptoms:

Body becomes swollen, gegata, impotence, migraine, viral infections, eczema, endometriosis, psoriasis, depression, insomnia, bronchitis, fungal infections, sinusitis, asthma, allergies and bacterial infections.
If the conditions in the second stage is not treated properly, it can lead to the final result of the body acidic.

The final stage: the more severe

The signs of:

Cancer, schizophrenia, lupus, tuberculosis, arthritis, multiple sclerosis.
At this stage, it can be fatal and need appropriate treatment.

What causes an acidic body?

Body due to the intake of acidic foods zero acid. Processed food of foods that cause increased acid in the body. Other foods that cause acid is high in carbohydrates such as rice, Foods such as meat, seafood, milk, cheese and dairy products other.

Consuming foods that are exposed to pesticides also contribute to an increase in acidity in the body, as well as medications such as antibiotics.

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