08 May, 2013

Eat all you want because you took Shaklee vitamins

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Should we take a well balance food or solely depend on taking multivitamin supplement?

Select both. No terms: balanced diet vs Shaklee vitamins.

Intake of this vitamin in pill form is not intended to 'replace the food', not at all. In fact not be a majorb nutrient source.

Diet, physical activity, spiritual practice, good manners ... are among the pillars of health. Can not completely abandon the fundamentals of good health this. You can not replace a balanced diet with vitamins. You can not replace exercise with vitamins. What else replace worshiping with vitamins.

Imagine the cells of our bodies ... in the event of car sorts metabolism, cells produce smoke ni 'exhaust'. If the car, the exhaust smoke because that is what the dangers from it. Same is our body's cells. But for this natural process, our bodies have mechanisms to neutralize free radicals that.

But when we are exposed to things above, our bodies produce more free radicals. And our body system can not overcome're going.

So we have to eat a balanced diet, free all-id (pesticides, herbicides, germicides), limit processed foods, and most importantly, avoid high-calorie foods as well junks!

According to research, the causes of cardiovascular pain no longer due to the intake of fat, but this calorie foods. Enough calories that we take in our daily food this, no need to add more calories-plus with junk food and sweet soft drinks. Again when your daily lifestyle out in the morning to the office, just came back tonight. 1st floor also lifts up.

So it is not relevant when you want to eat vitamin with a reason to 'cover' a habit of eating this junk and also 'no time to exercise'.

Adopting a healthy and balanced diet is a MUST, not an option and instead is vitamins. Never. But do not doubt, not everyone can do it. For example if they are outdoors, and those who work early in the evening to the morning ... Which I did not even cook at home ... and so on. But it's still not an excuse for 'it is okay if I eat this, I'll take 100% safe vitamin'.

Even if you practice hard core vitamins, no matter the Shaklee vitamin vitamins what to, do not ignore the basics of health. Vitamin is not a magic formula, it's just a complement to achieving ODA.

"Eat your vitamins rein even eat? Well no need to eat vitamins ". "Eat your vitamins you had to work? Well no need to eat vitamin "

Whatsoever, vitamins not 'Excuse' to not care for basic health care.

Many prominent statesmen we practitioners vitamins, but they also are practicing a healthy life style!

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