02 March, 2012

Shaklee Fresh Laundry Concentrate (Powder)

Fresh Laundry Concentrate (Powder) (2.49kg)

Natural Formula for Extra Clean Clothes
You know the deliciousness of clean clothes right out of the wash? Fresh Laundry takes it to the next level. The natural-enzyme formula leaves clothes extra clean while being gentle on the planet. Which means you can bury your nose in a pile of clean laundry and breathe a little easier.

Did you know?
Many laundry powders may contain irritants that can be absorbed through the skin or inhaled – a common cause of allergic response. Triethanolamine dodecylbenzenesulfonate is such an irritant, and is on the EPA and DOT hazardous substances list. Contact can irritate and burn the skin and eyes, breathing it can irritate the nose, throat and lungs causing coughing, wheezing and/or shortness of breath. Repeated skin contact may cause dryness, itching, chronic irritation, and rash.

Fresh Laundry Concentrate does not contain these or other hazardous ingredients.

The Shaklee Difference

* Hypoallergenic
* No chlorine
* Safe for use on all washable fabrics
* No hazardous chemicals

* Superconcentrated
* Just one ounce (11.375 liters) clean a medium load of laundry
* Great in all temperatures, even in cold water
* Help keep your whites white and colors bright

* Natural sustainably sourced ingredients
* Biodegradable surfactants
* No phosphates, borases, iritrates
* Recyclable packaging
* No dyes
* Safe for septic systems and graywater

Jimat 20% daripada harga runcit dengan mendaftar sebagai ahli/pengedar sah Shaklee. Dapatkan info lanjut di SINI atau terus klik SINI untuk mendaftar.

Sila hubungi saya untuk mendapatkan konsultasi tentang set mana yang paling tepat untuk anda, tips dan cara pengambilan yang betul apabila membuat pembelian daripada saya. Sekiranya anda berada di sekitar Subang Jaya, Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, Puchong, saya merupakan pengedar sah Shaklee sekitar Subang Jaya, Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, Puchong.

Pengedar sah Shaklee anda:
☺ ID Shaklee: 865473
✍ FB: Wardah Aina
⌨ FB Page: ShAina Shop
✆ Call/SMS/WhatsApp: 016-2223767
➲ COD Area: Subang Jaya, Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, Puchong

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